Fishing at Fremantle

I just had my first experience of actual fishing (not prawning at Punggol) with B at Freo! He's been excited for a few days about fishing already so we went to buy some bait - shrimps and squid - for the small fishes and potential biggies that we may catch. It's pink snapper season so naturally I was excited to catch that because I love it pan fried LOL.

We went to buy some burley and fish oils, and made potatoes and such to make the burley mix that will attract the fishes. We decided to go on the day that the rain stopped and boy was the wind strong! I nearly froze my face off just standing on the rocks but it was still a very nice day.

It didn't take us too long to catch our first fish - a little herring! B caught it in his first cast which makes us pretty lucky but we didn't manage to catch anything else after that. It might be the ridiculously strong winds?

I was pretty impressed with his fish scaling and gutting skills. I mean, what's the use of learning fishing if you can't scale and gut it? It was pretty gruesome especially when he pointed the fish's body parts to me. I've never seen a fish sliced open with body parts still inside so... It was a new experience!

I think fishing is something I can definitely pick up. It's fun and relaxing, plus you never know what fish you're going to get on the dinner table :)

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