Sunday's Inspiring Interiors: Pop of yellow!

While yellow dresses just do not work for me, interior design poses a different story. I've always wanted a feature piece of furniture or wall in my home and what way to do it better than a sunny yellow conversation piece! The warm and bright colour breathes life into any household and instantly adds character to your home.

Adding a new colour into your household need not be difficult nor expensive! You could paint your previously dull window frames for a quick colour boost. Or you could spray paint some wooden stools yellow. To further complement the colour, you could even get some cups or bowls in the matching shade!

I just love how yellow is a colour that is suitable anywhere in the house - from living spaces, to study and kitchen areas. If you're re-designing your home and would love to take on yellow as a new project, go for something bigger such as yellow tinted glass for your kitchen splashbacks or yellow sofa/dining seats!

As yellow can be a strong colour to bring into your home, it's important to make sure that you don't have too many large pieces of furniture with contrasting colours to avoid colour clashes. Colours such as blues, purples and greens tend to draw attention away from yellow so it's best to keep them to a minimal. 

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Mid-week relief

As I expected, this week has been insane. Thank goodness, I have this boy with me to keep me sane every single time I have a panic attack. It helps that he has brought me TWICE to nom on some delicious Japanese food. The second time we went, I couldn't help but order the red snow crab rice bowl which was just heavenly.

And of course we had to have our favourite fried sea bream fish wings!

And the man who has to endure excessive eating of Japanese food :)


5 ways to battle sensitive skin and eczema

If you're like me, having to deal with sensitive skin everyday and eczema (or atopic dermatitis) outbreaks every other week, this post is for you. I didn't used to have sensitive skin until three years ago -- I suspect the excessive use of AHAs and BHAs as the cause, let this be a warning! -- but it completely changed my skincare routine. I could no longer try any products that I see on the shelves like how I used to. It would often lead to red, itchy, burning skin that develops into dry peeling scales on my face. Sounds horrific? It sure is, but I'm here for you.


Heading to somewhere

I'm going to graduate in a little less than 2 months, and frankly, I have mixed feelings about it. Truth is, I've never been anything but a student. All my life -- from primary to secondary to tertiary -- I've only ever had real academic goals. While sometimes school gets really tough, and on some days I don't feel like I can make it through school sane, I also wonder if the corporate world is really meant for me.