Cooking Fun: Stir Fry Ginger Scallions Pork

So yesterday, I decided to try this recipe from Noob Cook for B because I was going to meet my friend, Vic, for lunch and he would be home alone with his report. I wanted him to eat well after his stomach episode which probably caused him to lose a little weight (who wouldn't after pooping 10 times in a night?!).

This recipe for Stir Fry Ginger Scallions Pork didn't look too intimidating. It consists of the few recipes that we already normally use, aside from the Hua Tiao Jiu. Plus, the cooking doesn't look too complicated as it only had 4 steps (yay!).

First, the instructions said to cut the meat against the grain, which by the way I had NO IDEA what it meant. So I searched on YouTube for some videos of meat cutting and basically, all I had to do was to cut in the opposite direction of the lines (or grains) that form the muscle. Cutting in the same direction would make the pork slices hard to chew. It was not easy to cut the pork slices really thin but I think I did an okay job at it!

I then followed the recipe and marinated the pork. Because I was washing and cutting up some vegetable for B, I did it for more than 10 minutes (as instructed) so it was around 15-20 minutes instead. At this point, the sesame oil really made the pork smell so good. And of course, I can't forget the spring onion! I loooove spring onion... Not sure why it's also called scallions but we mostly call it spring onion in Singapore?

Then, when I got everything ready, its time to stir fry the pork! This part is really easy but my dish didn't exactly turn out the same way as Noob Cook's. There is less sauce and its lighter in colour... So maybe next time i'll add more dark soya sauce and a bit more water. The dish is not too salty but I would probably marinade the meat for longer next time to give it more flavour.

Overall, I think it was a successful first effort because when B tried it, he said "mmmmmm!" which made me really happy! I cooked another garlic vege for him to accompany this dish and some white rice. The rice was a bit of a joke because I waited for 50 minutes for it to be cooked and when I opened it, it's not cooked at all! Not sure what happened but we got it right the second time otherwise he would be starving.

This dish is great for learning and first-timers because its so simple and you can't really go wrong with it. I'm so impressed by Noob Cook's recipe that I can't wait to try the next one!


  1. Thanks for trying the recipe! Glad you like it ... you can tweak the seasonings to your liking and remember to use the right measurement spoon (not the silver one hee)~ Happy cooking!~~

    1. Can't wait to try out more from your blog! True to the name... your recipes are great for noob cooks :)