Lunch at Il Lido Italian Canteen & Visa Updates

Its our second time back at Il Lido Italian Canteen and we're nothing short of amazed. From the food to the atmosphere - Il Lido is built to impress. We ordered three antipastis and four mains to share, which is a really good strategy I think since we want to eat everything here.

I can't even began to describe how wonderful this restaurant is because I have not had any Italian food that even comes close to what Il Lido offers. The bread dipped in clam sauce was heavenly, the scallops in the risotto were seared perfectly, the fish was so fresh and the pasta most definitely al dente.

In other news, I have another 2 months to go before my visa application hits the 5 months mark. I've already completed by medical checks and police clearance during my last trip to Singapore and I'm hoping that the visa will be processed smoothly.

Adapting to life in Aussieland has not been difficult so far, though I still need to work on greeting people. It's always a challenge to ask someone "Hey, how are you?" because it doesn't come naturally to me. Because of the culture differences, some little things that have not occurred to me before now become things that are extremely important.

Nonetheless, that day we passed by Cottesloe and as I look at how amazingly far and vast and bright blue the Indian ocean is, I am so thankful that I get to be here.

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