Spring is here!

It's middle of October and two weeks into Spring now. This means that it's getting nearer to the 5 months of waiting time for my visa. All this waiting is making me a little impatient ~~ Hopefully the visa will be granted in good time!

I've been cooking a lot so at least that is keeping me busy. I think I'm 100% a better cook now than ever before. I've stopped freaking out when touching raw meat and I can whip up some decent meals for B after he comes back from work (did I mentioned he's now full-time employed?!?!). I'm really ecstatic about B's job because I think it's a great company that he can learn lots from. Certainly a good company to get a first proper job in!

Lots of people have been asking me: "what do you intend to do in Australia?" or like "what kind of job are you going to get?". I haven't really thought about it because I don't really want to make lots of plans before getting my visa. It's pretty scary to think that they *may* reject me and I will have to be apart from B.

But that aside, more good news! B and I have managed to bid for a BTO in Bukit Merah and we have already selected our unit at City Vue @ Henderson, which looks like a really nice estate. It will only be ready in 4 years so we have got much time to figure everything out. Life is moving pretty quickly for us ~

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