Officially an Australian Resident! Yay!

Great great great news! I'm now officially an Australian resident since I got my Partner Visa two days ago. This means that I can stay in Australia without having to shuttle back and forth Singapore every 90 days. God it feels good not needing to count the days...!!!

A few things that I'm pretty excited about my brand new life in Australia: 1) learn to drive 2) adopt a dog. We've been to the shelter to look at some of the doggies they have there and I met this lovely girl named Sienna who is just so sweet and I was quite devastated to leave her at the shelter last month. If she's still back there at the end of the year, I would have to adopt her. Part of me wishes she has already found a loving home but the other selfish part of me wishes she is mine instead... sigh!

I guess its time for me to really settle down here and that means I will have to do lots of adult things like opening a bank account, applying for the Medicare card etc. I'm not sure if I will find a full time job as of yet because I don't see how it would work out for both of us. We will have to eat out everyday and it's not as easy because I can't do the house chores in the day. Hopefully I'll be able to get a part time job that has good hours in due time ~ 

B and I also recently just bought a car (!!!!). We were looking at an affordable car that doesn't compromise on safety, fuel consumption and space since this car will probably be our "family car" carrying little ones. We needed something with 5 star safety ratings, huge boot space, comfortable seating (for our potential guests) and high fuel economy. We found a perfect deal that's within our budget and bought a Suzuki S-Cross, an all-wheel drive SUV. B is just delighted that its an AWD because it opens up many more off-road opportunities for us hehe~ With a 6.3 fuel rating (less than twice the amount of the Toyota Prius which btw is a hybrid car), this deal was too good not to take up. Granted it's a used car, but its only a baby: 1 year old with only 17,000km on its odometer. According to B, it drives like an angel. I said to him, since this is a black car, we can treat it as Bluxy's reincarnation and love it like a baby LOL.

Till next time!

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