In the Kitchen: Blueberry Tart with Vanilla Custard

Look at that view! ^^^ Such an amazing sight!

I told myself to religiously blog about my every bake but look what has happened - I completely forgot about it again. And as a result of that, I have completely forgotten about what ingredients I used but meh, I have pictures so at least that's something, right?

I've made blueberry tarts before since we have an abundance of blueberries in the garden. It seems like each tree produces a million blueberries and we can't quite eat them fast enough, especially for me because its a little sour. So I thought why not make a dessert out of it?

Because I'm a lazy person, I basically blitzed the main ingredients of the crust in a food processor - flour, butter, eggs. It's way less tedious than the hand method. After chilling the dough and rolling it out over my tart mould, I poked some holes at the bottom of the crust and blind baked it. Took about 15 minutes in the oven but I'm not good at telling when its ready so i check the bottom every few minutes. I weighed the dough down with ceramic beads.. Most people would use beans but I prefer the beads.

For the vanilla custard, I think I used eggs, ground vanilla (you could use essence or paste), sugar and milk. After beating the eggs until pale and then cooking them on the stove until it thickens, I left it to cool before spooning it into the chilled tart crust. Then I finished it off by adding the blueberries and glazing it with strawberry jam (jam and some water heated over the stove to make it more runny). After chilling the tart for about three hours to make sure the custard is thick and nice, its ready to be eaten!

At this point I always think, it took me my entire afternoon to make a tart and I ate it in 10 minutes. Very satisfying though. The vanilla custard is way better than the cream cheese filling I used in my first blueberry tart.

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