Preparing for my Aussie Visa

Wow, I've never ever had to prepare so much paperwork before this. Applying for jobs and entrance to university can't even compare to this. I'm filled with both excitement and anxiety while applying for my Australian Visa because I'm so glad that we have finally gathered all our documents in one place (and visited the notary), but I just don't know if what we have is enough. I've read forums about how some people have kept every single move stub in their relationship, and send each other love letters... But B and I are just not this kind of couple. We do have plenty of photos and documents from our joint travels so I hope that will be enough.

Anyway, we are planning to submit our physical documents next Tuesday via AVAC. It has been such a rollercoaster ride since our decision to move to Perth. We've had to really sit down and plan how to go about this especially with our statutory declarations, notarising of documents and requesting for bank slips and identity certificates. A lot of the time we were just waiting for documents to arrive one by one. Just so glad all that waiting is over for now.

I guess after we submit the application, we will need to think about some serious stuff. We're thinking that B will need to go over to Perth to look for a job and secure us some steady income, and I will be in Singapore probably doing part-time work. I'm really dreading that part that we have to be without each other )': but I guess it will all work out in the end if we just be patient.

So much uncertainty in the few months ahead... This has been really affecting me emotionally because it's hard to cope with things that I can't see coming. Like oh, suddenly I have to do that, or like, oops I did not think about that or that or that! I'm such an obsessive compulsive person so I find it hard to deal with things that doesn't go my way, especially after so much planning. I'll really need to work on that for the next few months. The authorities say it will take up to 5 months for the result of my application but i'm keeping positive that it may be faster.

Ahhh... For now, i'll just keep imagining the moment when I am finally granted the visa!

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